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Moran B-Y.


"I took one day Gentlebirth workshop with adorable Amanda for second time mamas.
Day was fun, well informative, Amanda provided lots of great tools to deal with birth in general and also here in Frankfurt.  Highly recommended to every mom, who needs a better preparation for a better empowering birth experience. 
Don't think twice :)"

Juliane G.


"We took Amanda's Gentle Birth class half way through my first pregnancy and it was totally worth it. With lots of knowledge, fun and just the right amount of wholehearted empathy the workshop brought us on the right track to confidently and positively prepare for our own gentle birth. Thank you for your amazing energy and commitment, Amanda!"

Bethany  Nov 2019

Paula P.


"We had a pre-natal workshop with Amanda a couple of months before my due date and it was totally worth it! The workshop is comprehensive and based on research, which Amanda makes easily understandable and fun. Through the workshop and the follow-up practice I built up the mindset & attitude I needed to have a calm and confident birth. We had a wonderful birthing experience even though not everything went as we would have liked it to. Actually, even before the birth, when we went to visit hospitals, we knew exactly what was important for us and which questions to ask them to chose the right hospital for our birthing experience. Amanda is a passionate, knowledgeable and kind teacher, and I can strongly recommend her workshop to any future mom."

Amy F.


"I took a gentle birth course with Amanda as a second time mother and not only did she put me in the right head space heading into my second birth but she gave me sensible and practical advice that I simply felt ill-equipped with the first time around. My second birth is just a few weeks away and I know that no matter what comes at me, I will be more adaptable this time and ready to have a positive birthing experience. Without Amanda, none of this would have been possible. I highly recommend!"

Hannah G.


"My husband and I just took an online weekend Gentle birth course with Amanda, and it was fabulous! I so highly recommend it! It was great having a course in English and from someone who understands the German healthcare system as a foreigner as well. Her positivity and research-backed evidence have given me a lot more confidence to have my baby this summer :) now, instead of just mainly being scared, I’m getting really excited to have baby :)"

Adrienne W.


"As I told Amanda right after the birth of my daughter - 
You're worth your weight in gold! 

Amanda is the most passionate, empathetic, warm, strong, prepared, organized, and professional person you could hope to have next to you for your birth and in preparation. Both my husband and I felt supported and cared for, and she helped us feel at ease with her knowledge and skills. I highly recommend her as a doula as well as her class. We had all the tools we needed to feel prepared when the big moment came. Thank you, Amanda!

Louise K.


"Just a quick thank you! ...I just wanted to say it was so helpful and given us so much to think about. Also it was so nice for me that you got Benny so involved - I think as mamas we think about everything because we have the bump with us and we go through labour - but you managed to really get him engaged and excited and prepared which was unexpected for me. I appreciate all the effort through zoom as well! Have a lovely Sunday and we shall wait to hear from you!"

Jason F.


"We are so grateful to Amanda for her energy and informative GentleBirth Workshop. We learned so much and feel much more ready to welcome our little one with confidence! We appreciated being able to ask all of our questions, especially being in a foreign country. Amanda understands all the ins and outs of delivering in Germany and we really appreciated her insight."

2nd Time Mamas  Nov 2019

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